Why APE? We believe design should appeal to your inner ape. For us, this means it should be easy to understand, easy to look at and easy to obtain.

Our STORY. APE is a four-man-strong design team that met in 2008 at Industrial Design Engineering in Delft.

Straight out of university, Tom and Douwe founded their first company, flux – based on their award winning graduation work. Shortly thereafter Lenny and Gert started a design company of their own, called KIVA KUVA.

In 2016 they founded APE Amsterdam together to focus on in-house developed design ideas, licensing them to newly developed and existing brands.

Left to right: Gert Groeneveld, Tom Schouten,
Lennert van der Laan, Douwe Jacobs.

APE Amsterdam
Wilgenweg 10b
1031 HV


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